So you’ve caught the bug… the plant bug. You got your first potted wonder and now you're itching to get your second, third, fourth member of a growing plant family. Is there anything that can stop you? Sometimes, the answer is cost. Those new green babies can be expensive.

Well what if we said there’s a way to get them for nothing. Gratis. Compliments of the house. Zero dollars. Free 99. Free.

Yep, FREE.

The trick is a little thing called propagation, and we’re spilling the basics of what you need to get started right here. 

Beyond saving money, it is extremely gratifiying to grow a plant yourself - from those first roots in water to new leaves pushing up out of the dirt.

Propagation by definition is… to breed specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent stock.

Step ONE

First things first, you need to identify the plant you want to multiply and research the best technique for taking a healthy piece away from it for propagation. Not all household plants will be suitable, but a ton of them are. You can find out all about the three main techniques [Dividing/Rooting/Cutting] right HERE.


Step TWO

Once you’ve identified how you’re going to cut the plant, you’ll need a sharp, sterile cutting tool like pruning shears or an X-Acto knife. The sharper your knife the cleaner your cut and the better off your mother plant will be. 



When your cutting is ready you’re going to want to place it into a clear vessel, like‘The Botanist’ or‘The Desk Buddy’ filled with lukewarm water [which you should change whenever it gets too murky]. The clear glass is ideal because it allows more light in and gives you a front row seat to monitor the root growth. 

"The Botanist" Propagation Station


Location, Location, Location. It’s all about location for these cuttings. Keep them in bright, indirect light so they have the best chance to sprout roots and move into the next step of the process. 

Tip: If you don’t have the ledge space for a vessel like‘The Single Lady’ or if your cutting needs indirect light use a clear vessel like‘The Greenhouse’ or‘The Oracle’ which can be mounted on the wall near a window instead of directly in front. 



Now you wait. Patience is key here as the cuttings start to sprout their brand new roots. Every plant is different, so make sure to check how long the roots should be before you try and pot them. When that time does come use regular potting soil. And always, and we mean always, use a pot with drainage like‘The Concrete Jungle’ or‘The Basin’ [all of our pots include drainage, but these are just some of our faves]. 

"The Basin" Cement Planter & Dish

There you have it. The crucial steps you’ll need to succeed in the art of FREE PLANTS. Don’t stress too much about getting it right on the first cut. This process can take time to perfect, but we know you’ll eventually get to a place where you're turning that tiny apartment garden of yours into a full-fledged jungle wonderland. And we can’t wait to see it. 

Happy Propagating, Plant People. 

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