Plants are therapeutic, it's just plain and simple. Add a DIY piece of plant art or unique puzzle to the equation, and you've got yourself a truly wonderful way to unwind and create something cool! 

Let's face it, we could all spend a little less time in front of a screen. Whether our job demands it, we're keeping up with friends & family, or we just enjoy scrolling through the endless stream of reels on insta (but do we, really?), the blue light glow effects us all & we need some fun ways to break away to help our eyes and mind relax just a little bit. We all deserve it!

These plant themed crafts/puzzles are not only a super thoughtful gift for your friends who love plants, but they double a screen-free way to have a little bit of fun and relax this summer - whether you've got a rainy day at the beach or night tucked inside with some friends. Let's take a look - we promise you won't want to leave empty handed.

Plant & Cat Cross-Stitch

This is a great beginner-friendly cross stitch kit for the cat and plant lover in your life. Everything you need to make this beautiful piece is included in this kit.
Kit contents: 5-inch embroidery hoop, 14 count aida cloth, dmc threads, needle, and cross stitch pattern. Made by The Stitch Mill in Montpelier, Vermont exclusively for Apartment Garden Supply and our sister site Cat Culture

Plants & Cats Puzzle Collection 

Created by artists & illustrators Niki Waters, Beth Spencer, and Danielle V.,  thes plant and cat puzzles are part of a limited edition at our sister site Cat Culture, as part of an exclusive artist puzzle series. That's right - you can't find this gem anywhere else. Get your puzzle on with your bestie for some old fashioned screen-free fun. With your fav playlist & a glass of wine, of course. 
Plus, they are already discounted! Get them now for an additional 20% OFF with the code MEMORIALDAY20 at checkout! 

"Hardcore Kitty" 

"Jungle Cat"




DIY Terrarium Kit

And because gardening is therapeutic enough in itself, this "DIY Terrarium Kit" provides the perfect mini escape no matter where your summer takes you. Take a break from the craziness of your work week, and do a mini green project with your hands (that takes half the clean up).  Watch your little terrarium thrive & escape from the screen-centric world for a moment! 


There you have it, a few screen-free ways to brighten up those rainy summer days, besides binge watching Friends for the 58th time. We all know they were on a break... right? 

Want some more ideas for screen-free gifts? Check out our collection here!

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