Wiping down your plant's leaves feels real nice - like you're a super caring person.

It's also important because it cleans off the dust, which means more light gets to your plant. This allows the plant to ultimately be healthier - more + better light absorption = less chance of pest infestations & disease. 

When your leaves are free of dust, they are able to photosynthesize better (how they get fed) so they will ultimately be healthier right down to the roots!

It's kind of like taking care of your skin & hydrating every day. Those simple acts of self care have a greater effect on parts of our body that we can't always see. 

Besides the fact that you'll get nice and up close with your plant babies for some quality care time, you'll be able to notice if there are DUST MITES (blerg!) getting in the way of your plant's healthy happy life! They look like dust / cobwebs and hide on the underside of the leaves.

See below... totally gross. Gotta dust these bad boys away! (unless they are red... then leave them be, that is a sign of a healthy plant!)

(photo from Laidback Gardener Blog)

Want to get started cleaning? 

We recommend taking a lukewarm damp cloth to the leaves of your plant, and gently wiping them off. You can also spray them with lukewarm water and dry with a cloth if that's easier! For a little extra clean, dilute some Dr. Bronner's soap in your spray bottle.

It might feel time - consuming at first, but it will end up saving you time and energy not having to worry about sick or pest-infested plants.

Just dust them whenever you dust your house... or more depending on how often you clean ;) 

(A beautifully cleaned fiddle leaf fig in "The Concrete Jungle" Cylinder Planter.)

Not only will you have super healthy plants and feel like the ultra plant person in no time, but they will always be in pristine condition to show off. 

And let's be honest, this will probably be how I'm spending my night in pajamas with a glass of wine. 


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