We Have Everything You Need

Planters, tools, and propagation stations
to creatively fit your space and style.

What You'll Find Here

Why Our Store is Awesome

Small Sizes

Our planters and propagation stations range from 4 inches - 10 inches. Because that's about all the room we got, amirite?

Drainage & Dishes

Most people kill their plants because they overwater them and put them in planters without a hole. You won't find those here. And that matters!

Propagate Clearly

Propagation = making plants from the plants you have. IE - free plants! The best method is usually via water, and clear glass means more sun = faster growth.

No Judgement

The world of indoor plants can be a bit overly aspirational. We're just trying to keep things alive and keep things real.

Why I Started Apartment Garden Supply

Having always lived in apartments, I created Apartment Garden Supply to help those looking to creatively display their plants and cuttings in small spaces. Let's grow together!