We could all use a little TLC after this past winter, so now is the perfect time to give your plants some attention. Spring is a season of renewal & motivation, so what better time than to freshen up your plant corner? Let's dust off our plants (and ourselves) and set them up for success with these super simple tips!

6 Ways to Keep Your Plants Alive & Thriving this Spring:

🪴 Start propagating - Now is the time to expand your plant collection for free! Get those plant babies growing in a cute clear vessel with fresh water to soak up all the sunshine. We love "The Botanist" Propagation Station, which is now on sale for 20% OFF! (Pictured Above)

🪴 Wipe down leaves - Plants can't absorb all that beautiful sunshine with dust covering their leaves! Treat your plants to a little facial & wipe down their leaves with a cotton rag & some water next time you water them. 

🪴 Rotate your plants - Are things looking a little lopsided? Make sure you regularly rotate your pots & planters to give every side of your plant enough sun.

🪴 Repot if needed - If roots are visible from the planter's drainage holes, it's time to repot. Find something with at least 4" of space from your plant around the diameter of the pot.

🪴 Add some fertilizer to the mix - Give your plants a little boost & consider adding in some fertilizer to their watering routine. Spring is when they do the most growing, so give them a little something extra to spur on all the new growth.

🪴 Water a bit more as it gets warmer - Don't overdo it here, but give your plants a little more water as the days get longer and hotter.

We hope this little list inspires you to give your plants a little extra love this Spring!

Totally in over your head with plants that you collected this winter?

We feel you.

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