Do you love plants? Do your friends love plants? (we know, we know... not as much as you do)

Then odds are the holidays will be full of shiny new green things & all the planters... a plant-giving paradise if you will. This is the perfect time to spur on that fellow friend's plant addiction, new venture into apartment gardening, or even pick up a treat or two for yourself. Because you deserve some love too. 

With bundles designed specifically for plant parents, or those who have been wanting to get their hands dirty and need a little encouragement, Apartment Garden Supply really is the one-stop-shop of tiny gardening.

Since it is so hard to pick just one awesome gift, we bundled them together for you because we're awesome. Not to mention all of our bundles come at a discount! 

Here are a few of our top picks for the ultimate plant gift-giver this holiday season: 

1) "The Plant Junkie" Macrame Plant Hanger, Propagation Vessels, & Cement Planter Bundle. 

This bundle has got everything your plant crazy friend could want. It comes with "The Oracle" Propagation Vessel Wall Mount (set of 3) "The Tree Hugger" Handmade Macrame Plant Holder in "Knotted Diamond", and "The Basin" Cement Planter & Dish

Bundle Price: $52.99 (was $57.97)

"The Oracle" Propagation Vessel Wall Mount

 "The Tree Hugger" Handmade Macrame Hanging Plant Holder 

"The Basin" Cement Planter & Dish

2) "The Succulent Queen" Ceramic & Bamboo Planter Collection

Coming with five different styled planters, this collection has endless potting possibilities for your succulent-loving friends. 

Bundle Price: $44.99 (was $51.45)

Planters included are:

"The Peninsula" Succulent Window Station

"The Island" Round Ceramic Planter & Bamboo Dish

"The Islet" Square Ceramic Planter & Bamboo Dish

"The Cove" Ceramic Planter & Bamboo Dish

"The Little Hexes" Mini Planters Set of 3

3) "The Day Dreamer" Macrame Plant Hangers & Planter Collection

This collection is the perfect gift for anyone running out of plant space around their house... so like everyone. It comes with TWO "The Tree Hugger" Handmade Macrame Hanging Plant Holders (in either "The Knotted Diamond" or "The Twisted Triangle, or both!), and TWO medium sized "Clay Dreaming" Terracotta Planters & Dishes. 

Bundle Price: $45.99 (was 51.96)

"The Tree Hugger" Handmade Macrame Hanging Plant Holders

"Clay Dreaming" Terracotta Planters & Dishes

4) "The Concrete Jungle" Concrete Planter Collection

To add a modern (& damn cute) touch to any plant collection. This set comes with four planters and their dishes, all made of sturdy and smooth cement. 

Bundle Price: $49.99 (was $56.96)

"The Concrete Jungle" Cylinder Planter & Dish (small & medium)

"The Concrete Jungle" Square Planter & Dish (large)

"The Concrete Jungle" Windowsill Cement Planter & Dish

5) "The Ultimate Plant's Best Friend" Gift Set 

Your friend works hard to make sure their plant babies are happy. This gift set and adds in some much needed self care, to help them get through all the potting and planting (its so tough).

It comes with two "Clay Dreaming" Terracotta Pots (Medium), two "The Tree Hugger" Handmade Macrame Hanging Plant Holders in knotted diamond, Organic Gardener's Hand Soap, and a Veggie & Nail Brush. 

Price: 49.99 (was 66.87)

"Clay Dreaming" Terracotta Pot & Dish

"The Tree Hugger" Handmade Macrame Hanging Plant Holder in "Knotted Diamond"

Organic Gardener's Hand Soap

Veggie & Nail Brush

Are you an over-achiever and only need to check one more thing off your list? Here are a few plant-perfect gifts to help you round it out! 

1) "The Botanist" Propagation Station

You don't have to be a pro-gardener to feel like one. These beaker style propagation vessels & stand are the perfect addition to any aspiring botanist's repertoire, and add a little fun to the waiting game. 

Each stand comes with three globe propagation vases, perfect for letting those roots spread out before you pot your plant baby. 

Price: $24.99

2) "The Greenhouse" Wooden Wall Propagation Vessels 

Is there really a better use of wall space? Probably not. 

These simple & stylish propagation vessels have a sleek wooden base to hang wherever your gardener heart desires! They come in a set of 2 to double the fun. 

Price: $24.99 


3) "The Buddy System" Clear Acrylic Window Planter

Everybody needs a buddy, right?

This transparent acrylic planter sticks right to any window, helping your plant soak up alllll the sunshine while keeping your window company. It can also just sit on the windowsill if you want!

Price: $19.99

We hope that this helped you pick out the perfect gift for your plant-loving people! (And maybe you added a few to your own wishlist;) Nothing says "happy holidays" quite like a gift that keeps on growing. Stay green, friends! 


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