So you're a serial plant killer? Join the club. 

Photo by Julien Berthier


It never fails to feel like every time you turn around another one of your plants has kicked the bucket. You blame yourself and your nonexistent green thumb, but in reality it’s probably something super common and easily fixable. 

For example, it could be…


Put down the watering can [even if it’s a supercute one] and step back…one more step please. This is the easiest and most common trap to fall into. You would think the #1 way to show love to your plant is through water but there is such a thing as too much. If you don’t give your plant enough time to absorb it you could be looking at root rot, or welcoming a family of bacteria & bugs, or the yellowing of leaves aka death. Thankfully, all of our planters come with a draining dish... but still, practice some self-restraint when it comes to overwatering!


"The Dewdrop" Brass & Glass Mister

Light: too much or too little? 

We’ve all heard plants need light to grow stronger and bigger and more beautiful than the day we got them. Where we place our plants can and will determine their fate. Unless the plant requires low light, you should always put them in either direct or indirect sunlight. One rule of thumb is a plant should be able to see the sky. So get down on all fours and take a peak for yourself. If space is an issue for you, try mounting planters to the wall or hanging from the ceiling with ahandmade macrame plant holder


Lack of Drainage

If the pot your plant is living in does not have a drainage hole then you’re doing it wrong! When the pot is completely sealed up at the bottom the water has nowhere to go. So it collects, and the roots sit in it, unable to absorb it all resulting in reduced root oxygenation which can have negative effects on the roots overall health. So if you've got an unhappy plant, double check the planter for a drainage hole! That’s whyevery planter in our store has drainage. Your plants will thank you for it. 

"The Cove" Ceramic Planter & Bamboo Dish

So the real question is, how do you avoid all of this?

The biggest tip we have is to really know your plants. Ask about them before buying, read about them once they're home, and tailor your care to each plant. It might seem a little time-consuming at first, but once you really know your plant babies, they will grow healthy and strong! 

Find the perfect,  death defying plants for first time plant parents. Learn about what they need to live their best lives and observe. Just like people, plants will tell you when something is wrong, either by their drooping leaves or their change in color! 

"The Concrete Jungle" Cylinder Planter & Dish

The biggest tip we've got, is that once you find your perfect plant match and you want to start collecting, stick to the same plant family. This way the plants will require similar, if not the same care based on your schedule and your dwelling’s light and space situation . 

Please, please, please never forget this is a process. You’ll find the rhythm and that green thumb you thought you’d never have in no time! We're all on this plant-obsessed journey together. 💚 

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