Interview with Michael, of @plantzaddyy

Michael hails from Chicago, IL, and has quickly become a houseplant pro. His instagram is full of inspo & methods of plant care that he tries first hand! His top 3 favorite plant species are Hoya, Philodendron, then Monstera. Let's learn a little more about his tiny gardening experience:

When did you start getting into plants and what were some first-timer hurdles? 

"I got into plants in the spring of 2019!  I was at IKEA one day with my mom and sister, and I happened to look at the plants.  I decided to get a couple snake plants and the rest was history!  My entire family has a green thumb, so naturally it was just a matter of time. The hardest thing for me was light and watering.  I thought, oh a window perfect!  Watering was whenever I felt like it, and i felt like watering A LOT.  Once I got it down, then I found my groove!"

Many people feel like plant care is also a form of self-care. Do you feel energized by caring for your plants?

"100%!  It gives me a purpose and I love tending to my plants in my free time.  Sometimes it definitely can get overwhelming especially with over 100 plants!"

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Over 100 plants takes some serious dedication! What do you love the most about plants/gardening & how does your collection inspire you? 

"Seeing little new growths and your plants thriving gives such a sense of happiness and pride that I can’t explain.  Also my plants have allowed me to be apart of the plant community where I have made so many meaningful connections."

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We all know some plants can be more particular than others… Which of your plants are the biggest divas and how do you keep track of all their needs? 

"Any of my Anthurium seem to be the most finicky about their moisture and humidity.  I have an Excel that keeps track of last watered, last repot, etc.  It’s my life saver!"

We love that tip! Sometimes a little organization is all it takes to help those plants thrive. Especially when you have so many of them! 😅

What are the most helpful resources you’ve found for growing houseplants?

"Other creators, blogs, and books!  I do a lot of research, but I have also found experimenting with different conditions to see what works best for your plants has been extremely beneficial."

It takes time to feel it out and learn about what our plants need. Some things can't be taught by anything other than experience and attentiveness to our plant babies. 

Which plant have you had for the longest amount of time? We bow to you, you plant-growing guru. 

My original snake plants are no longer with us (one gifted, one RIP).  My big Monstera Deliciosa and my Manjula Pothos are some of my oldest plants still in my collection today (and some of my favorites).

You seem like quite the experienced propagationist! Which plant took you the longest to propagate & was it worth the wait? 

"The first time I cut my Tetrasperma, it took almost 4-5 months to water propagate, and then a few more months for new growth to appear.  I LOVE this plant, so it was worth the wait! I personally love water propagation, but I have also been successful with perlite propagation as well!"

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And lastly, do you have any words of advice for someone looking to get started with gardening in tiny spaces? We’re all in this together, after all.

"Utilize your space and fit the plants to your space.  Dark corners, not great for a plant.  South facing windows, good for heartier plants like succulents and hoyas - not for sensitive leaved plants.  Research the care for ALL of your plants and determine the best location and how to care for them.  If you need a humidifier or grow lights to allow your plants to thrive in your space, then do it if you have the means!"

Thanks for sharing your expertise, Michael! It's great to be part of a community that seeks to help others get started on their plant parent journeys. 

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