Becoming a plant parent for the first time can be a big decision, and requires some questions to be asked. Where should I put the plant? How much water does it need? What if I forget to feed it? Wait, allplanters should have drainage? [Yep, that’s why ours do.] And the biggest question of them all... What plant do I get first? Some of us jump right into it without doing a single shred of research. Others find the care and maintenance comes naturally. Our journeys will all be different, but knowing the best beginner plants can make the process a little easier.

Beginner plants assemble...

POTHOS // Epipremnum aureum

 Photo by justrootingaround

Likes… bright, not direct light. Would prefer you let their soil dry out before watering. Thrives inpots with drainage preferably on a high bookshelf or ledge so their leaves can cascade to perfection.


Dislikes… soggy roots [don’t overwater] and low light.

SPIDER PLANT // Chlorophytum comosum

 Photo by mcrjunglelife

Likes… to be left alone in their pot withample drainage and indirect lighting. Loves the occasional pruning or cutting back to the base.


Dislikes… being soggy, so please limit the water intake.


PEACE LILY // Spathiphyllum

Photo by herearetheplants

Likes… medium to low light in a pot withoptimum planter drainage in either your home or your office. The more light this beauty gets, the more likely it is to flower.


Dislikes… schedules, would prefer you water it less than more. Check the soil every week. If it’s still damp leave it. You can also wait until the leaves droop as your water SOS.

SNAKE PLANT // Dracaena trifasciata

 Photo by ester.ememe

Likes… being neglected for weeks at a time, and are not afraid of low light. In its spare time it loves to remove toxins from the air. What an overachiever. Also isdown for drainage

Dislikes… overparenting.

CAST IRON PLANT // Aspidistra elatior

Photo by vined_onces

Likes… to be kept away from direct sunlight and in full or partial shade. Likes the occasional helping of water but not too much, unless it’s super dry in which case it may need a little more. And you guessed it, drainage, lots and lots ofplanter drainage.  

Dislikes… the idea of death, the cast iron plant laughs in the face of death.


Photo by chie_uemura

Likes… bright light,well-drained pots, and as little water as possible. You’ll know they’re super happy and healthy when their leaves are plump. Same, girl, same.

Dislikes… too much care.

What a list. We want them all, right!? 


So what now? Once you’ve decided which beautiful babe you’re bringing home, all you have left to do is spoil it. We’re talking cutieplanters, the perfect set oftools, and even some superfun stufffor you. We got everything you need, so get growing plant parents!


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