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"The Concrete Jungle" Square Cement Planter & Dish

Slate Gray
Black with White Speckles
Gray with White Speckles

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Because your plants are bada**.


These smooth concrete planters come in either a cylinder or square, and add a modern touch to any plant collection.


It’s important for plants to have the right amount of moisture, which requires draining holes. And these planters each come with a matching base so that dirty water doesn’t drain all over your grandma’s hand-me-down crochet doily. Love you, Gram!


They come in three different sizes - small, medium, and large, and make a statement no matter the size.

Check out "The Concrete Jungle" Concrete Planter Collection for your wide range of plants, or to prep for when you need to repot!

Size & Material

Made of concrete as smooth & strong as a black cup of coffee. 


Small -

4 x 4in

10 x 10cm

Medium -

4.7 x 4.7in

12 x 12cm

Large - 

6 x 6in

15 x 15cm 


Unsolicited Advice & Suggestions

We recommend picking the perfect size pot, no more than 2" larger or smaller than the plant you plan on repotting. Why? Because a pot that doesn't fit brings a whole host of problems... like overwatering if it's too big, not enough space for roots to grow if it's too small, yada yada yada. So just measure it or make your best educated guess!