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"The Green Thumb" Complete Mini Gardening Tool Set

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Who has the room for a full-size shovel, rake, spade, and all that jazz? Nobody. 


Thankfully, this mini gardening set comes with just about any small gardening tool you can imagine, to help you take care of your plants in small spaces. 


Tools include: 

  • Spray bottle for your plants that just need a little misting.
  • Squirt bottle, for watering close to the roots or watering hard-to-reach plants.
  • Syringe for picking up any excess water from your more particular plants.
  • Mini rake, shovels and spades to help keep your baby plants nice and comfy in their pots.
  • Potting soil scoop, for... you know... scooping soil.
  • Mini clippers & tweezers for showing your plants how to self-care the right way.
  • Dusting brush for keeping your plants leaves nice and clean.


Check out "The Potting Shed" bundle which includes a watering can, gardening mat, and selection of terracotta pots! 

Size & Material

Scoopers, watering tools, and mini trowels are made of plastic. 


Mini shovel and rake are made of plastic and wood. 


Tweezers & Clippers are made of metal and plastic.