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"The Desk Buddy" Card Display and Mini Propagation Vessel


Need something to spruce up your workspace? "The Desk Buddy" does just the trick. 


Keep things fresh at the office and propagate a clipping from your boss's ivy plant (we won't tell) or use it to showcase what you've been growing in your own garden. This decorative piece also works great in an entryway or guest room to help people feel welcome in your home! 


This vessel works best for propagating or showcasing longer stemmed clippings (like a snake plant, rose, or ivy) since there is a floating ring to prop up the head of your flower/plant! 


Comes with two little clips for displaying an inspirational quote, fav photo, or to-do list for the day ahead so you can crush it. 


Want something else to keep your desk buddy company? Check out this bundle. 

Size & Material

Metal base with glass propagation vase. 



9.84 x 1.18 x 5.90in

25 x 3 x 15cm