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"The Real MVP" Bamboo Planter Dish


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If you have a planter at home that doesn't have a dish (all of our planters have dishes), this is for you. These dishes are also great if you want to match any pots with our succulent planter collection, which all have bamboo bases. 


"The Real MVP" is the perfect base to match your favorite pot, leaving your leaky planter woes behind. 

Size & Material

Made of natural bamboo. 



Small - 

2.5 x 0.39in

6.5 x 1cm

Medium - 

3.3 x 0.39in

8.5 x 1cm 

Large -

4.7 x 0.39in

12 x 1cm

Insider Suggestions

If your planter has holes, you need a base. Plants need proper drainage to avoid over-watering, and it is actually the case that more plants die from getting too much water than too little. But all that water has to go somewhere! Add these bamboo trays to all of your planters to avoid making a mess and, well, dead plants.