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Organic Microgreens Starter Kit

Wanna grow your own greens year-round? This organic microgreens kit from Seattle Seed Co. has everything you need! 

Kit includes:

  • Two different varieties of organic microgreens seeds, one zesty and one mild.
  • Enough seeds for multiple plantings of greens.
  • 1 round tray with plastic dome lid for speedy germination.
  • 5 specially-formulated organic soil wafers that magically expand to fill the tray.

Place in an area with bright sunlight and remove dome as sprouts begin to appear. Keep soil moist, and harvest when greens are 3-4" tall (8-12 days) by cutting at the base of the stem. Use on top of salads, mix in smoothies, add to your juices - the options are endless. Bon appetit!