Why I Started Apartment Garden Supply

A long-time NYC city resident, whenever I could, I brought plants into my space...no matter how small those spaces were. From my dorm room to my tiny room in my first shared apartment, I brought plants in and did my best to keep them alive.

More recently, I wanted to step up my indoor garden game and also learned about propagation - growing more plants from the ones you have? Heck ya!

As I learned more about the best ways to not just keep your indoor plants alive, but to help them thrive - I found that a lot of items - planters especially - don't set up plant parents for success. Plus, living in a small space means getting creative with wear you can put your plants (especially if you have cats, too).

So, Apartment Garden Supply was born.

We carry planters - all which come with base dishes, propagation vessels, shelves, plus a really fun selection of gifts for plant people. 

I'm honored to be a part of your plant journey!

To making things grow,

Emily Berk, Founder